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Marketing Plan for Sellers                                                      

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At GAIL BYERS REAL ESTATE, INC. we utilize the most powerful tools in the industry to market your home.
Because most buyers look on-line before making their buying decisions, it is imperative to provide major Internet exposure for your property.
  • GAIL BYERS REAL ESTATE, INC. website,, links the world to Latah County listings clearly, concisely and comprehensively.
  • The National Association of Realtors web page,, is by far the largest single source of housing inventory in the US, leveraging the distribution power of the Internet’s most popular real estate web sites such as Facebook, Trulia, MSN, Moving, Homes.
  • Hand-Crafted Virtual Tours:  Buyers experience your home virtually as they tour the interior rooms and exterior panoramic views.  Your home tour will be created with care and an eye for displaying your home to its very best advantage. We are proud to offer virtual tours of such exceptional quality. Our virtual tours also appear on major marketing real estate sites, such as Trulia, Zillow, Facebook,, Yahoo, Front Door, etc. 
  • Provides valuable information and photographs of your property to all members of the Latah County Board of Realtors so that all local real estate agents can work toward selling your property. 
  • Our automatic email notification to buyers quickly provides them of status or price changes to your property
  • Our Gallery of Homes features a framed photo of each house in our reception area so that buyers can quickly find homes they are interested in viewing. 
  • Our Window Gallery includes photos of all our listings in the office windows to attract passersby to stop. 
  • Every Wednesday Morning the Latah County Board of Realtors sponsors open house tours to provide access and familiarity of the home to all local real estate agents. This allows them to effectively connect your home with their buyer. 
  • Public open houses can be scheduled by request.
  • Palouse Homes, published in Moscow Pullman Daily News, reaches approximately 7,500 readers the first Saturday of each month and is available for walk-in customers. It is also on-line at
  • Newspaper advertising:  Our listings are submitted to the Moscow Pullman Daily News on a rotating basis for a photo advertisement each Saturday. Also available on-line at
  • Periodically, ads are run in the Lewiston Tribune and the Money Saver.
  • Promotional Flyers provide accurate, detailed information and color photographs to prospective buyers,  Buyers can obtain these flyers from a flyer box located at your curbside real estate sign, inside the home, direct mail or by e-mail.
  • Custom-designed “Just Listed” cards are mailed to your neighborhood within ten days of listing your property. These handwritten and hand-addressed cards provide a personal, yet professional touch, and announce the availability of your property.  They ask if the recipient knows of anyone who might be interested in buying your house.
  • Custom-designed “Just Sold” cards, also handwritten and addressed introduce the new owners to the neighborhood on your behalf.
  • Electronic mail: options exist at the every opportunity.
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